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Thanks so much for your interest in my work! I would love to hear from you, but you might find the answers you're looking for here on the "Frequently Asked Questions" page:


What materials do you use?

All my sculptures are made from dried gourds. I add carved wooden pieces and sculpt the details with air-drying clay that’s very similar to paper maché. Sometimes I add things like real antlers, horsehair, brass, metal leaf, etc. I paint them with acrylics, and sometimes with milk paint. 

Is your art for sale? How can I buy it?

With very rare exceptions, all my work is for sale. Currently I sell everything through a few different art galleries. 

The easiest way to purchase work from one of the galleries is to send them an email that says, “I’d like to receive the collectors preview for Kristen Egan’s upcoming show.” The gallery will email you the link to the online sales page, usually a day before the show officially opens. There is no obligation to purchase anything if you request the preview. It just gives you access to the sales page so you have the option :) 

How do I find out when/where you have a show/sale?

The list of upcoming gallery shows can be found on the “shop” page of my website, and I always put the gallery info in my Instagram post captions.

You can also find more detailed info about the materials, dimensions, and prices of specific artworks on the gallery websites.

Can I commission a custom mask?

Due a very busy gallery schedule and a long waiting list, I am not accepting new custom orders at least until next year. If you are already on the wait list, I really appreciate your patience!

I am working on some affordable merch options and and online store, but for now the fastest way to purchase something is through one of my gallery shows. 

What is the best kind of air dry clay?

I would recommend googling this if you’re serious about it - there are a lot of different types of air drying clays, and many artists have already shared very detailed reviews online. Most brands have slightly different properties, and so the “best” kind really depends on your specific project and personal preference. For example, a 2-part epoxy clay is going to be much stronger than a paper or earth-based clay, so I’d recommend that for thin, delicate areas, or areas that require more structural reinforcement. For large sculptures, purchasing air dry clay can get pretty expensive, but there are good diy recipes readily available on a quick google search for “air dry paper clay recipe." I’ve had success with several different types, sometimes combining multiple types in one sculpture. You really have to just see what works best for you. 

A slower drying time will help prevent cracks. Often my pieces do crack a bit when they dry, and I do a second pass with more clay to fill in the cracked areas.

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